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Here’s Chapter 45, enjoy.

Also a message from Panda:
This is Panda. Due to the large amount of questions being asked, I decided to write a message. SHINKA IS NOT BEING DROPPED. It’s being TLCed and edited. Due to it still being test season, editors and TLCs are busy studying and are trying their best to work on Shinka when time permits. Please be patient and we’ll try to get Shinka back to speed as soon as we can.

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Slave Harem 45 – Soap

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The Zhan Long Stats System

Gravity Translation

Before, I post chapter 47, I should probably make sure that the stat system in Zhan Long is clear.

1) Stat points – Each level up gives 10 stat points

2) Stats – Endurance, Defense, Strength, Magic Power, Agility


Strength – Adds attack

Endurance – Adds health

Defense – Adds Defense

Magic Power – Adds Mana/magic damage

Agility – Adds movement speed – Not shown in basic stat list

4) Perhaps the most important – Growth Rates  – (0.1 – 1.0)

Given a growth rate of .1, 10 stat points would give +1 in that field.

Hopefully this helped, and sorry if the previous statements were misleading

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